Learn The Science Of Building A Successful Business That Inturn Brings Joy, Resilience, And Love To Your Personal & Business Life. 

This E-Book is written for Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers who place high value on what matters to build monumental wealth in business and then help to sustain it over a longer period. 

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- DAMON ALLEN Football Hald Fame

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- RAQUEL PADILLA Real Estate Agent

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- NICOLE RICHARDS Nicole Richards & Co

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[This Book Is For Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers Who]

  • Don’t Have Clear Path For Growth To Achieve Business Goals.

  • Don’t Have The Ingredients To bring in the required Cashflow to run their business.

  • Have a Lack Of Knowledge in protecting their business cash flow and Using It Wisely to Grow Exponentially.

  • Are Unhappy With What Is Going On In their Business & Life.

  • Are STUCK And Can’t Find Their Hustle In Life.

You Must Understand This!

Everything you do in business is always quantifiable and measurable to what your business goals are. 


Whether it is marketing, hiring people, or collecting valuable resources of data to expand your business. 


Once you know your numbers, there are certain questions to be asked and answered to find a clear purpose on what you need out of your business and life. 


when you do that, now you prepare yourself to act (take action) on what you’ve put together that clarifies  your purpose, your why, and your vision. You become resilient and dominate.

But remember...

There are times where you face all traits of problems in business and in your personal life, 


whether it could be a bad relationship, unhappiness, change in business rules that affects your growth, lack of money, negative cash flow, etc.,


Don’t be afraid to fail, because when You Fail - You Learn - You Grow! 


This is the cycle of success!


What really helps you keep going is, preparedness, 


Because luck is just when opportunity meets it!  




But wait,

Why should you buy and read this E-Book?

Not because it is read by thousands of entrepreneurs and trailblazers,

Not because it is found in TV shows such as The Morning Show, Canada Talks and Others


You must read this book because you discover 11 Life-Altering Wealth Principles that have helped Entrepreneurs and Trailblazers to actually understand the traits of building a wealth-proof business.


You see, most business owners start their business, at first they would be happy and excited but after years pass by, they struggle to drive their business forward. 


This is why I wrote 152 pages of a book that shows you exactly how I went from nothing to owning my own business operating with over 27 employee's!  


TRUST me, what you’ll learn from this E-book will give you the ability to create astounding wealth, network opportunities, and life long relationships in business as much as you want! 

Here’s A 'SNEAK PEEK' Into Just A Fraction Of What You’re Going To Learn Inside This Book:

11 Life-Altering Wealth Principles For Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers


1: Success Isn’t an Art; It’s a Science

2: Have a Crystal-clear Plan

3: Profit Matters

4: Your Life, Your Responsibility

5: Act!​

6: Resilient and Consistent​

7: Actions, Results, and Writing it Down​

8: Cashflow, Cashflow, and Yes…Cashflow

9: Don’t Get Comfortable​

10: Finding Your Competitive Advantage​

11: Work On It, Not In It!

Afterward: 11 Principles in Action​

Bonus: Fasting And Clarity 

This is not all! Lots more to cover, but this page will turn into a book...


Limited Time offer!

Regular Price $45

$24.99 Only!

Meet The Author

Samantha Brookes

Mortgage Broker, Author and Real Estate Investor

CEO & Founder at Mortgages of Canada, one of the fastest growing and most reliable mortgage brokerages in the country. CEO & Founder at Business Capital Lenders, Venture Capitalist, Author and Speaker. She has devoted her 6 years in Real estate career and to bottom line; She have seen ups and downs in the real estate market and have an affluent knowledge, skills, strategies and network that you can leverage today to ensure your first rental property paying you healthy cashflow month on month. 

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My goal is to make sure you have the BEST resources and knowledge available so that I can help you serve the knowledge you need to achieve your business and life goals! I'm happy to provide you 30 days money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied from what your are going to discover from this E-Book. 

Samantha Brookes

Mortgage Broker, Author and Real Estate Investor



An ultimate guide for those who place a high value on what matters to build a monumental wealth in business and then help to sustain it over a longer period by applying all the 11 Life-Altering Wealth Principles thought in this book.


Limited period offer!

Regular Price $45

$24.99 Only

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